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You love music. The tunes that you belt out in the shower, the joyous harmony of instruments, the beat from your favorite song and the precious memories that go along with them. So, shouldn’t your home reflect your soul? Shouldn’t your walls tell the tale of your lifelong love affair with notes and lyrics? And your furniture paint a picture of the melodies that make you dance?

We provide just that, a variety of musical decorations including guitars, drums, musicians, microphones, and much more! Picture yourself walking into your home, after a long day and being welcomed by your favorite artists and the memories of your favorite music on the walls around you. As you turn up the volume, balance the sound, or play a vinyl record, take in the sights of key moments in music history such as billboard hits and once in a lifetime magazine covers.

We are also introducing a new product as we are expanding into music patent prints. Allow us to break his down for you and show how they are central to your musical world.

Patents are a form of intellectual property that give their owner the legal right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing an invention for a limited time, in exchange for publishing and enabling public disclosure of the invention. (Source: Although much credit and fame is given to musicians and singers in pop culture, little is known of the intricate details, the individual working parts, and the history of instruments, even though they are clearly just as important to the world of music.

These prints capture the blood, sweat and tears that went into meticulously crafting musical instruments. Any true die-hard music fan cannot only name a song by the opening tune and identify the musician by their signature style, but also identify a particular guitar and argue why it’s the best!

We believe these prints are for the real connoisseurs of music. From our site you can see the wide array of wind and string instruments, drums sets and even accordions–the whole gamut for audiophiles.

Once you have scrolled through and found your desired print and payment is made, you’ll receive a download link, which you then use to print from the comfort of your home or at any local print store.

Stand out as a well-versed music lover, and let your home, music room or studio show your love for your favorite musicians and instruments by adding beautifully detailed music patent prints to your walls.